Running after Injury-Changing to Forefoot Running

From my previous post, we are beginning to understand that just changing the shoes does not make you automatically run in a forefoot strike. The shoes may help, but in reality, barefoot running will naturally push you into a forefoot strike as we are not designed to run on our heel (calcaneus).

So if you are injured when running, where do you start?  Start with the JAMA Page on Running Injuries.  See picture below and click on the link. Then if you’re interested in changing your running style to a forefoot strike, then here’s a list of links to help you transition.


JAMA Running Injuries-Graphic

UPDATE:  I just read this post on the website.  Tom Goom, an expert physical therapist from across the ocean posted this, which I thought was fantastic!

This teaches you basic concepts of how to change your gait which good pictures.  Check it out!

Gait Re-Education for Runners Knees:


Here are some resources from the POSE method.

Also Brian Mackenzie, a student of POSE running has been the champion of CrossFit Endurance and offers tons of material free on the internet. Here are some links.  Thanks to Pentagon CrossFit for this compilation of links.

CrossFit Journal


2. (multiple articles and videos)

3. Competitor Magazine article

4.YouTube channel on POSE Method:


Also, Mark Cucuzzella also is a physician runner who is a champion of barefoot running.  He has great tips on those transitioning to barefoot running.

1. Natural Running Center

His video has a great introduction on the principles.


Good luck and happy running. If your knees/foot/shins still hurt, make sure you go to your doctor, specifically one that understands runners and Sports Medicine.


*Picture from JAMA–great review for Running Injuries.


1. Jin J.  Running Injuries.  JAMA. 2014;312(2):202. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.283011


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