Hello!  Hope you enjoy this blog.  I am a Family Physician/Sports Medicine physician who loves Jesus, medicine and CrossFit and always seeking the truth on faith, life, balance, exercise, and nutrition.

I’ll try to write about things that my peers would be interested in, especially related to performance.   But, it may take me a few months to get things posted!

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  1. Robert Kazanjy

    Dr Oh….

    Old mechanical engineer….

    I slowly changed what I ate over a 6 month period starting in summer 2012.
    In ~7 months I was down from 220 to 190 (6′) and waist down from 39/40 to 36/37.

    Have since regained lost muscle & a little fat to 205 still keeping waist down.
    BP (both numbers) are lowest they’ve been in ~20 years.
    (I was warned as ‘pre-diabetic’ in ~2009 and refused Statins or anhy meds)

    I did this by starting with Mark Hyman “Blood Sugar Solution”, then Tim Ferriss “4 Hour BOdy”, then Mark SIsson “Primal BluePirnt”….finally Paleo.

    I even bought a blood sugar meter on ebay and poked my finger 4 or 5 times after meals & food to determine blood sugar response.

    IMO they all occupy overlaping ‘space’ of minmal process foods & sugar.

    Finally I stumbled upon Dr Peter Attia’s work… engineer undergrad, Stanford MD, endurance athelte (open ocean swimmer). His work mirrored my experiences so I stopped poking my finger and saved the test strip $$’s. 🙂

    Check out his personal blog…he’s done a TON of self-experiemetnaion including extreme diet changes and VO2 max testing before & after. He even when full ketosis for a LONG time 10% carbs 10% protein 80% fat. I think you’re enjoy his detailed approach.


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    • Thanks for the comment Bob. Nice job on your health transformation. I have seen Peter Attia’s Ted talk and have seen his blog. I very much respect his quest along with Gary Taubes. thanks again!


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