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#Statins and Primary Prevention – USPSTF Weighs In.

Sports Hernia – Groin Pain

Athletic Pubalgia, sports related hernia, athletic groin pain.  All describing anterior pain, localized in the groin, anterior hip area.  The U.K. has done a lot of research and the BJSM has published great work looking at how to define “Sports Hernia”, how to consider diagnosis and how to manage it appropriately.

In essence, chronic groin pain, adductor related may be consistent with athletic groin pain.  Rehabilitation of the core musculature and adductor group is critical in the improvement of pain and function.  See this great graphic from BJSM.


The Per Holmich protocol as described in Lancet 1999 remains the gold standard in groin related rehab. Here is a great video series to describe the exercises.

Yes, it’s from 1999, but it is a terrific study with long-term outcomes, done with a RCT format.  This video series also has a web based app too!

Since then Per Holmich has published much to get a handle on the diagnosis and management.  Couple of key articles in the BJSM just published in 2016.


  1. Holmich et al. Effectiveness of active physical training as treatment for long standing adductor-related groin pain in athletes: RCT. Lancet 1999.
  2. Falvey et al. Athletic Groin Pain.  BJSM 2015.
  3. Darren de SA, Holmich P , Phillips M et al. Athletic Groin Pain. A SR of Surgical diagnoses investigations and treatments. BJSM 2015
  4. King EWard JSmall L, et al. Athletic groin pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of surgical versus physical therapy rehabilitation outcomes.



Breakfast – #LCHF. Dietary Guidelines of America approved?

Ok, I had to post this.  I made breakfast this morning.  I disregarded all the Dietary Guidelines of America 2015 schizophrenic guidelines (don’t worry about fat..but worry about fat; eat healthy food patterns but worry about macronutrient ratios, especially those crazy saturated fats, sodium and calories, eat nutrient dense foods but worry about those pesky high fat foods and go to low fat milk, etc.)

Anyway, I started off with 2 concepts.

  1. God-made Food.  This is food that I have available and that is as natural and God-made as possible.  What does that mean?  That man has little to process, refine and add stuff to food that people in the medieval, biblical times could recognize as food.  I don’t even want to talk about Paleo, since most people can’t imagine eating bugs, animals and whatever they did in those days.  Man made food, is things like donuts and crackers, and cereal.  Even bread.
  2. Mostly Plants.  Yes, I like plants.  I like leaves and I like the fruits from trees.  Simply put, most Americans do not eat enough plants.  Eat more plants is really the first thing most people can do for health.

So what did I make?



Scrambled Eggs

  • with whole milk
  • cheese
  • sautéed in extra virgin olive oil

Sautéed Spinich

  • sautéed in EVOO

Tomato and cucumber salad

  • EVOO, salt and pepper


That’s it. Now considering that, I followed most of the DGA 2015, how does this fare out via macronutrient data?  According to My fitness Pal here are my macro breakdown by % and by the numbers.  Total Calories: 500


So, the question to you all.  Is this in line with the Dietary Guidelines of America?  If not, why not?  Is this “healthy?”

Of course my opinion, I had a great meal, and feel very satiated without any added crap from processed and refined materials.  Some would argue that the cheese and the milk was not really God Made..and I would probably agree.  But, even if you take those out, these ratios would be very similar and with lower calories.

So is this enough for me?  MyFitness Pal states that I need 2000 calories to maintain weight. (I am not trying to lose any weight).  I am active, like to work out and in all sense, I’d like to gain weight with muscle/strength.  If you look at the macros, I probably need MORE protein in my diet to support my exercise/goals.

Oh did I tell you that I have pre-diabetes and I am insulin resistant?  So what is my Blood Glucose pre and post?  Pre- 100.  Post – stay tuned.  Will update my 1hr and 2hr PP BG shortly.

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