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Sports Hernia – Groin Pain

Athletic Pubalgia, sports related hernia, athletic groin pain.  All describing anterior pain, localized in the groin, anterior hip area.  The U.K. has done a lot of research and the BJSM has published great work looking at how to define “Sports Hernia”, how to consider diagnosis and how to manage it appropriately.

In essence, chronic groin pain, adductor related may be consistent with athletic groin pain.  Rehabilitation of the core musculature and adductor group is critical in the improvement of pain and function.  See this great graphic from BJSM.


The Per Holmich protocol as described in Lancet 1999 remains the gold standard in groin related rehab. Here is a great video series to describe the exercises.

Yes, it’s from 1999, but it is a terrific study with long-term outcomes, done with a RCT format.  This video series also has a web based app too!

Since then Per Holmich has published much to get a handle on the diagnosis and management.  Couple of key articles in the BJSM just published in 2016.


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